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Rank website in topFreelancer SEO India specializes in website ranking services for Google and Bing. Working as a Freelance SEO, we cover complete search engine optimization for a website. In order to rank your website on the 1st page of search engines, We follow several methods to accomplish the same which is basically divided into 4 categories:

1. SEO Analysis  2. Optimization  3. Backlinks  4. Socialization

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We are are into the Freelance SEO business since 2007 and have optimized over 100 websites successfully. We also deal in other internet marketing services like PPC, Link Building, Reputation Repair etc..

SEO Prices starts at $100/month

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Why choose freelancerseoindia.com?

There are hundreds of 1000s of company on the internet offering SEO services but what makes us special and different from others? Below are some very important points highlighting the same:

  • 100% Google Hummingbird complaint SEO Services: We don’t work on the traditional ways of SEO, unlike other SEO companies we have adapted our SEO strategy according to the recent Google ranking algorithm update.
  • Weekly Reports: Unlike other SEO companies who send monthly report and updates to the client, we work more proactively and send a detailed weekly ranking report+work report details as well as ranking improvement updates.
  • Seamless communication:  We provide a seamless and unmatched project updates and progress report via our customized project management software hosted on the cloud.

If you have any queries or concerns regarding our services, feel free to contact us. We also offer a no obligation 30 days trial to all our SEO packages.

Why go for Freelance SEO instead of SEO companies?

Simply because of more personal care and attention to your website and business. SEO companies have no doubt more campaigns and headaches compared to a SEO freelancer so at the end of the day even if your website is not ranking well they have many other clients to continue. For a Freelancer, its very important to deliver the results and maintain a good relationship because his/her livelihood is depend on that.