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Rank website in top We are SEO freelancers based in India specializing in SEO and other internet marketing techniques. Our main aim is to rank the website in top for all major search engines including Google, Yahoo! and Bing for all our target keywords which can give you business traffic.

In order to rank your website on the 1st page of search engines, freelancer seo follow several methods to accomplish the same which is basically divided into 3 categories:


1. SEO Analysis 2. Optimization 3. Backlinks 4. Socialization

Lets discuss this methods one by one:



This is the initial process where freelancer seo analyze your website, take your keyword ideas and understand your business requirements. Based on the requirements, freelancer seo do R&D and find out the best possible keywords for the website which target your business. Finalizing keywords is the KEY to SEO and the entire further process totally depends on it.

The goal here is to focus on the target keywords as well as the competition of the keywords. freelancer seo specifically look for the below important things while finalizing keywords:

a. Keywords relevancy with the website

b. Keywords direct searches in Google and Bing

c. Keywords competition

d. Your competitors keywords section

e. Ranking feasibility




Once the keywords are finalized then the next step is to work on the website and target our keywords. This step includes:

a) Distributing keywords to the website pages.

b) Analyze and resolve website Search engine crawling issues

c) Implement Search Engine friendly tags like Title tag, Meta Desc Tag, Meta Keyword Tag, Image Alt tags, Header Tags etc.

d) Register Website to Google Webmaster Tool & Bing Webmaster Tool.

e) Revise/Adjust content present on the website to target keywords

f) Suggest Improvements to the website design to improve conversion

g) Create website sitemap.xml and robots.txt


This optimization process normally takes 20 days to finish and requires several tweaks every month to ensure the best results.



Backlinks are the soul to SEO. With the recent changes in search engine’s algorithms called Panda and Penguin, its now really important to build links which are relevant to the website and are coming for a authority resource. Following this model and adjusting ourselves with the recent changes to the search engines, below are the methods freelancer seo use to get backlinks:

a) Press Release Submissions

b) Blog Postings

c) Article Submissions

d) Social Bookmarks/News Submissions

e) Forums Links

f) One-way links via webmaster contact

g) Business Directories

f) Classified websites



Socialization means, increasing your websites social presence on top social media networks like Google Plus, Facebook, Twitter etc. Search engines nowadays have given a lot of respect to social media portals and have included them in their ranking algorithm. So considering this, freelancer seo have includes socialization as a part of the SEO campaign, it includes below activities:

a) Create profile on all major social media portals including Google Plus, Facebook, Twitter etc.

b) Linking your website/blog to social media profiles.

c) Regular posting updates

d) Increase fans and followers

e) Join and Create relevant communities

f) Create events and other group activities

We also follow the below guidelines for in order to optimize your website:


Best Freelance SEO India

Competition is a never ending complication in every sphere of life and the same has jazzed up the internet media in all aspects of marketing and services. Among a few to be named, Search engine optimization has become a widely used formula in bringing websites to notice among a trillion crowd surfers over the world. Freelance SEO India is never-the-less lagging behind and it has come up with freelance SEO optimists and SEO experts to take this matter a bit more seriously.

If you are looking for a freelancer to rank your website in top for all the search engine jargons, Freelance SEO India can give you the best benefits in form of return of investments.

With an able search engine marketing team on board, Freelance SEO India has optimized over a thousand websites in its business records hence helping its clients reaching phenomenal targets. Freelance SEO India specializes in search engine optimization, pay per click management, reputation repair campaign and local optimization as well. SEO specialists in Freelance SEO India follow a unique and specialized approach in employing SEO methods and techniques in to business.

At a point where there is fierce competition and aggression in the World Wide Web market for strategic product marketing, Freelance SEO India plays a huge role in optimizing the search level for the products thus boosting business for websites. The SEO activities are basically divided into sections, SEO on-page and SEO off-page optimization. The dedication that Freelance SEO India has showcased in keyword research which is considered as the backbone of the SEO campaign has helped a lot of clients in finding the best keywords available for their websites in Search Engine Results Page.

The basic goal of SEO specialists from Freelance SEO India has always been to figure out the best possible and relevant keywords for websites which can boost traffic to them in reasonable amount of time. Websites are made search engine friendly by reducing website bugs and errors that might have impacted SEO henceforth fixing them, all done under the jurisdiction of Freelance SEO India. Although there are a lot more freelance SEO experts in market, the only factor that brings Freelance SEO India to differ from the rest is the affordability with the level of quality of services.

A few core rules the a freelancer in Freelance SEO India change in the websites to make it more search engine friendly are Title tag optimization, Description tag optimization, Meta keywords tag optimization, Images optimization, implementation of 301 Permanent Redirect Code and many other frameworks as designed by Freelance SEO India. One such known name among the list of experienced freelance SEO optimizers is Himanshu Swaraj, whose able and thorough knowledge in this business has gained him and Freelance SEO India a list of elite clients who vouch for excellent freelance SEO chores.

With the biggest USP as guaranteed satisfactory results, Freelance SEO India has been the torch bearer for bagful clients in showing them success and bringing them fortune in business